In spite of the importance of reaching people during the teen years, youth ministry is often viewed as a temporary job. The conventional education structure does not necessarily accept the view that youth ministry can be a lifetime calling and career.  As a result, a shortage of trained youth workers has created a weakness in our churches as thousands of young people flow through without strong discipleship in the Word of God.

Statistics clearly show that among people who know Christ, most came to know Him during their teen years. Between the ages of 11 and 14 years old a person has six times the chance of coming to Christ than at any other time in life making evangelism and discipleship strategies most effective when aimed at this group. Because of this and numerous other areas of need, Green Bay Bible college was organized to adequately view Youth Ministry as a lifetime career, and to educate and train youth pastors and church planters to evangelize and disciple the countless young adults that God has placed within their reach.

The two year Associate Degree program is not easy; it requires students to deny themselves during this time of study and training. GBBC is seeking students who are willing to die to self and to give themselves completely to God regardless of loss to self. If a student cannot take this step in ministry training, he will not be effective in ministry.
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