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But how are they to call on him in whom they have not believed? And how are they to believe in him of whom they have never heard? And how are they to hear without someone preaching? And how are they to preach unless they are sent? Romans 10:14-15

About Accreditation

Green Bay Bible College is a career focused school designed to prepare and send out youth pastors, youth workers, missionaries and others into general ministries. Our goal is not necessarily to prepare students for transfer to other colleges or schools but to graduate students and help them find a position in ministry.

Working with youth, serving as a missionary or working in pastoral ministries requires certain gifting. The work of GBBC is to prepare those gifted in these areas for ministry. It is not our intent to be a general education college but instead to have a definite focus of educating students how to properly teach the word of God and to adequately evangelize and disciple.

We realize that some students will desire to advance to higher degrees offered through other Bible Colleges and Seminaries. As we pursue endorsements for the future, we work with other Bible Colleges through Articulation Agreements where our credit hours are transferable to these schools. Accreditation is a long term process, especially for an eStudy school. 

If a job in ministry is your goal, you will need no further accreditation. If further education is your goal, please contact one of our counselors as to which Bible Colleges currently transfer our hours and credits.

Our Feelings About Accreditation

The highest level of accreditation is Regional accreditation. The government divided up the country into 7 regions and hired a company to oversee the colleges and universities within the regions. The purpose was good as it was intended to keep educational levels high and police the schools. The problem is that most of the requirements the government established have more to do with buildings and staff numbers than with curriculum. As an online college we are not as concerned about how many titles we have in our library because we don't need a building for a library. The number of staff and instructors is also a main concern with regional accreditation. Being an online school changes this dynamic because one instructor can handle hundreds of students instead of one instructor for every 30 students. The traditional campus model of education also does not take into account the different learning styles of people. GBBC tries to vary the curriculum to better accommodate these learning styles.
The cost is the biggest problem we have with accreditation. The reason the cost of college is so high is because of the number of buildings and salaries it requires to qualify for regional accreditation. Whenever the government is involved it seems the cost of everything goes way up and must be paid by you- the consumer. For this reason, you pay $20,000+ per semester to go to college. Our semesters are around $400 per semester. The regional accreditation system also does not allow any transfer of hours from colleges outside of the US- such as Cambridge and Oxford.
The goal of Green Bay Bible College is to offer a "tech" school approach and provide a seminary level education for a high school graduate going into ministry. We are able to provide a level of education that is actually more thorough than even many seminaries because we are not paying high salaries and building large buildings due to regional accreditation. We back our claims by offering a money back guarantee. If at any time you feel our education to be inadequate, we will promptly refund all tuition monies paid. 
Green Bay Bible College offers as good of an education as you are going to find in the areas of Youth Ministry and general ministries such as missions and church ministries. Our curriculum has been developed by scholars that have been involved in ministry for 30+ years. We feel you will not find a better alternative if education is your goal and you are willing to achieve it without the "campus" feel.